Monday, January 9, 2012

Seafood Thai Curry Noodles.

The seafood is a medley, a bag of mixed seafood in the frozen section.

  sautee  how ever much you want, i did about a cups worth (sorry i dont have a weight measurement) for about 7-8 min.  I did mine from frozen, so there was some liquid that drained off, i left that in the pan for the curry sauce.  remove seafood to a bowl for a bit.

The curry sauce is made with the A Taste of Thai curry paste. 

 follow the recipe for that: one can of coconut milk (the A Taste of Thai coconut milk has the shortest ingredient list) into the hot pan right after you have removed the seafood.  one Tbs of curry paste.  a dash of fish sauce.

  simmer for 3-4 min until its thicker.  remove to a bowl.
put rice noodles

 (which need to soak for about 25 min in hot water before this, so thats the first thing to do actually) into hot pan, with a bit of oil, and a mix of thai veggies, sautee for a bit, then add an egg, sautee some more.  then add the seafood and curry.
 love it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stewart Falls

More than once Ange and I have attempted to find Stewart Falls up behind Sundance.  We Finally Found It!

And it was frozen.  But thats ok, because it was still breath taking!  It was a refreshingly pleasant hike: snow on the ground, but a warm wind, just a few miles, a bit of a climb but not too bad, up behind Sundance.

I dont know if you can tell, but thats sundance.

it was a hike that we will be doing again, and again.  Im looking forward to seeing it sans snow.