Monday, November 29, 2010


I am quite thoroughly in love with pandora, I mean head over heals cant get enough of it in love.  What has gotten me thinking about pandora today is that I recently helped my mom set up some statiions.  She was wondering what I was doing hooking up my laptop to her ISymphony, and when I told her was listening to my internet radio stations .... well one thing lead to another.  I have always hated the radio stations here in Walla Walla and in Rexburg because they never play what I am actually interested in.  You usually get what, like 1 in 6 or 7 songs that are any good.  I have four stations as of right now, based off of Miles Davis, Eric Whitacre, Muse and The Hush Sound respectively.  And if im honest, the Hush Sound station is my favorite.  It Plays Cartel, Sarah Bareilles, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, Eric Hutchinson, Pheonix, Jack's Mannequin, Kate Nash and a host of other bands I love.  Today I heard a song by a new artist (to me atleast) called A Fine Frenzy, the song is What I Wouldnt Do, and its Sweet, its chill, its playful, its quietly romantic and i like it a lot.  (another thing I love about pandora is that it doesnt just play the top 40, it plays an Enormous amount of up and coming artists, depending on the day I only recognize 25%-75% of the bands, and I love it, i love new music!) listen to me, I should be a spokes person for pandora .... hmmm. I digress.  anyway, here is the song
and here are the lyrics:

If we were children I would bake you a mud pie
Warm and brown beneath the sun
Never learned to climb a tree but I would try
Just to show you what I'd done

Oh what I wouldn't do
If I had you, babe, I had you
Oh what I wouldn't do
If I had you, babe

If I were old, my dearest, you would be older
But I would crawl upon your lap
Wrap a blanket 'round our frail little shoulders
And I'd die happily like that

Oh what I wouldn't do
If I had you, babe, I had you
Oh what I wouldn't do
If I had you, babe, if I had you

So lace your hands 'round the small of my back and I will kiss you like a king
I will be your bride, I'll keep you warm at night
I will sing, I will sing

It was now and we were both in the same place
Didn't know how to say the words
With my heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage 
I left before someone got hurt

cuz it was what I wouldn’t do
I had you babe, when I had you
It was, what I wouldn’t do
When I had you, babe
When I had you

Thursday, November 25, 2010


For my first blog entry, i guess its fitting to talk about Thanksgiving, since its today.  Today was a unique Thanksgiving, because it was just me and Dad, which was a first.  The girls were all with their in-laws, and mom went down to grandma and grandpas in cali.  dad had to work and i had some things to do here, plus if i had left that would leave dad alone on Thanksgiving and that just doesnt seem right.  So, since it was just the two of us, we decided we didnt need to do a turkey, we thought about doing cornish game hens, but decided on ribs instead.  our rational was that the pilgrims would have eaten ribs, why not us?  thats right, so we had BBQ pork ribs, steamed brussels sprouts, grilled potatoes (that had been rubbed with olive oil and salt), french bread, and pina coladas.  nothing too fancy, but just right.  I am very thankful for it, thats for sure.
And to be warm on this cold snowy evening.
And for dogs that are cuddly.
And for family who is always there for me.
And for friends that make me laugh. Im Always thankful for those.  I count a friend that I can laugh with as a prized possession, and i have a fair share of them, and am so thankful for them all.
And for my Faith.  It is part of what shapes me and makes me who i am.
And for Music (the making of and listing to).  It is also part of the foundation of my character.
And for wool socks. 
Happy Thanksgiving.