Friday, January 28, 2011


Nearly a month ago I moved to Utah.  I now call sandy my home.  I live with my old college roommate Tyler, its just the two of us in our apartment, and so far its been a blast!  Looking for work is not so fun, but I have had some interviews and am sending out my resume a lot, so at least im getting somewhere. I got accepted to UVU and am going to start there in the summer semester or the fall, depending on what job I get, but I hoping to able to start in the summer. 

I have met some new friends, experienced some new things, and have many more still yet to come (such as going to a Utah Jazz game tonight).  Im excited for the warmer weather to come so I can go biking on some trails!  I have gone for a few rides so far, but wow its chilly on a bike even on the warmest days.  There are so many trails around here, once the snow is gone, there is going to be a lot of mud flinging.  Whats funny is that when I was biking on mt rainer a few months ago, It was tough, fun, lovely

… not enough words to describe that, it was like biking through Fangorn Forest in Tolkien’s stories… anyway, it was also difficult, but biking here is So much harder, there is a serious shortage of air up here!

anyway the point is, I'm in Utah, and so far I like it.