Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Hunger Games

I recently read the hunger games.  Its a 3 book series.  Its about a futuristic post apocalyptic time, with gladiator type games, called the Hunger Games.  I had no idea what it was about when i started reading them, just that many of my friends said they were good.  They are a bit more of a mature read than say Fablehaven or Harry Potter.  I would put them in the same category as Lord of the Flies.  Not because of the writing style or vocabulary, but for content.  Now, the first book was fantastic, it gripped me and held me all the way through to the end, and when it was over, I was grappling for the second book.  The main theme is familiar, a girl who lives in an oppressed world and has an opportunity thrust upon her to open the way for others to rise up.

 Its the second book though that really starts to explore that theme.  The second book, Catching Fire, is a bit slower at the start.  Much of the plot thickens in the second book, and so i had many friends tell me that its less entertaining, less interesting, and a "typical second book".  but i quite enjoyed it.  it was true that the start and... ok the first half of the book was just thickening of plot really, but trust me, it picks up at takes off.  Many of the plot twists are foreseeable, even from the first book, but they are still enjoyable.

The third and last book is the Mockingjay.  I liked it alot, but not entirely. dont get me wrong, it was quite an enjoyable read, my heart was thumping, there was a great amount of action.  I was sweating! (tmi? sorry.)  it was well worth the read, but it is highly debatable.  which i guess is good.  so if you read it, drop me a line, and we can go on about.  because you will want to, I promise.