Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kids are Funny

Seriously, they make me laugh!
I have been working at a school that is K-9 for a short while now, and kids just say the best things ever! (purposefully avoided the Trademarked "kids say the darndest things" phrase) so far I have been accused of being a pirate because of my long hair and beard (which I dont mind actually).  I am apparently a father, because I have a beard.  They asked me if I was gay because my roommate is a man.  And most recently I was asked why I was so ugly at night.
anyway, kids make me laugh.
especially the first graders.
also there are some little kindergarteners that keep trying to set me up with their teacher.
another also, they keep asking me if i am married.  not sure why.

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  1. My kids used to do that all the time. They always wanted to know about my personal life... haha!!