Thursday, December 2, 2010

its snowing.....

And Im Glad! HaHaHaHaH for the first time in a Very long time, Im Excited!  I went to school in Rexburg Idaho... and after living through several winters there, winter is not my favorite season anymore... ok well it never really was, im a summer person, i love parks, swimming,

 frisby, picnics, hiking, biking ,

Slip n Slides!



 all of which are hard to do when there is snow and ice. 
but I have some friends now who are ready to go sledding at the drop of a hat, and thats fun.  also I think I never had the right winter gear, but now I Do!  I got ahold of some nice gear at the end of the season about 10 months ago, on a great sale.  so maybe its because i have been waiting for nearly a year to use my new snow gear, im willing to admit thats a possibility.... but the point is, that after years of feeling like winter is mean, cold and depressing because it doesnt have all the awesomeness of summer i.e. warmth, bonfires, lazy hours spent laying in the grass, colours (because even if your a fan of winter, you cant argue that winter is the most colourful season. no, theres shades of white ranging from Clean Fresh Blinding White Snow to Mostly Mud Snow, or Red Snow if your in rexburg)  I was able to be excited about it snowing today, just like when i was a kid and snowing was magical, and thats liberating.  

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  1. This is good. Maybe this means that when I move to Utah, it won't be such a horrible thing. I am like you-- I live for the summertime! So thanks for the positive thoughts!